Bear takes a dip in California man’s backyard pool

A California man captured video when he looked out a window at his home and spotted a big bear taking a swim in his backyard pool.

Mike Emanuel said he initially thought a person was swimming in the pool behind his Simi Valley home, but a second look revealed the mysterious swimmer was a black bear.

Emanuel captured video of the bear’s swim and contacted Simi Valley police.

“I said, ‘Hey there’s a bear in my back yard,’ and then they asked me if I’d been drinking,” Emanuel told KTTV.

Police confirmed the bear sighting was reported Saturday, but no further action was taken.

The Simi Valley Police Department said another report came in the following day about a bear that wandered into the kitchen of a Simi Valley home. Police said the bear was still inside the home when officers arrived, but ended up wandering out through the back door on its own.

It was unclear whether the same bear was responsible for both incidents.