298 people do cannonballs into pool for Guinness World Record

A Belgian resort broke a Guinness World Record when 298 people did cannonball dives into its Olympic-sized swimming pool at the same time.

LAGO Gent Rozebroeken, a leisure chain with facilities around the country, celebrated the 10th anniversary of its flagship location in Ghent by having more than 300 people do cannonballs into the Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool.

Guinness World Records said each participant had to follow proper cannonball form, which features the diver raising their knees up to their chest and keeping their hands clasped around their knees until they hit the water.

The attempt was witnessed by two Guinness adjudicators to ensure proper form was followed.

Guinness World Records said a total 345 people took the simultaneous plunge into the pool, but only 298 of those followed proper cannonball form and were counted for the record.